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MINIKINO FILM WEEK 2015: Reading Indonesia Through Film!

MINIKINO FILM WEEK 2015: Reading Indonesia Through Film!

Minikino has been around for more than 13 years now and has been performing its very own cool role in providing the film lovers on the island with just the right dose of short films on a monthly basis. This year, Minikino is ready to step up its game plan and therefore decided to launch the very first Minikino Film Week 2015 which equals a 6-day program, introducing Bali to a whole new level of the dose Minikino's name stands for!

Minikino Film Week 2015 will be running for six consecutive days starting from October 12 until October 17, 2015. It will be held on six different partner venues spread around the island. Just to be clear, we are pretty serious in the word of choice "spread" as each of the venues are on such different sides of the island, hence there will be a great range of variety in the feel, atmosphere and scenes throughout the festival!

The partner venues for this year are IRAMA INDAH (West Denpasar), CAFÉ SIKUNO (East Denpasar), OMAH APIK (Pejeng), DIVINE EARTH (Seminyak), BENTARA BUDAYA BALI (Gianyar), and RUMAH FILM SANG KARSA (Singaraja). These places would then serve as perfect spots to meet fellow cinema lovers from around the island!

Minikino Film Week 2015 has proudly announced that there will be a total of 88 short films to be screened during the six days. These films come in various programs curated by Minikino, guest programmers from a network of national shorts program exchange called INDONESIA RAJA 2015, regional programmers network in S-EXPRESS 2015 as well as other special shorts programs.

Related to this debut's chosen theme "Reading Indonesia Through Film" and the goal which expects the theme to be delivered and received at the most optimal level possible, the event will also screen six feature length films; both fiction and documentary.

The finale of Minikino Film Week 2015 will be marked by the launching of Minikino's very own original creative program called MINIKINO LELANG FILM (MINIKINO FILM AUCTION). The name of the program is indeed rather on the self explanatory side, true, but the crucial part that is not explained in the title is that the auction offers a selection of important Indonesian shorts that are at least 10 years old.

Aside from being at least 10 years old, these shorts are also selected based on the idea whether they are considered to be part of the history of post-reformation Indonesian shorts. These films will be presented as a cinema experience, with the properly optimized audio-visual quality.

Minikino Film Week is one of those events presented to bring people together to have a great time while also enjoying some food for thought. Minikino has always been very effortful in maintaining a lively film screening during the monthly screenings which have been held for all those years through discussions, interactions with the film makers (whether live or on Skype) and various other ways.

Now, it is only fair to give them credit beforehand, and be excited that they are actually going to pull off something quite impressive by all the wonderful programs and films put together for the six days at six charming venues!

Most of the film screenings are free of charge, however the one’s with donation won’t burn a hole in your pocket, that’s guaranteed. Plus, it would be completely worth it, if not even a bargain!

For more information and the full program you can check out Check it out, mark the dates, and see you there!

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