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Bali Art Festival 2014: The Opening
From June 13th to the July 12th, Denpasar is the center of Balinese culture! We were at the opening to film quite an impressive ceremony!
Cutting Edge, Insightful, and Eye Opening talk show about the Happenings in Bali and Surrounding Islands. Hosted by Kay Armanousa, bringing you the different sides beyond what you normally hear from the News, and other Media. Tune in every Sunday
Global Surveillance
Ronny Be Good brings you all the best of music worldwide. From 10 pm to midnight on Tuesdays, and on 10 am to noon on Wednesdays
EXPLORE BALI Bali. One of the 17'508 islands of the Indonesian archipelago. And yet a place like none others. Bali is home to highly sophisticated art forms like dancing, music, painting, wood-carving and handcrafts. Balinese people live their
Bedugul, so far so close
No need to go too far to escape Bali's touristic center!
The Drop
A show that reveals all kinds of facts, news, information and the greatest happenings in Bali's surf scene! And it doesn't stop there, as we do NOT only talk about these things! We got pictures and footage to share with you and super interesting surf
Words on the Street
From Fordham to Paris, from Tokyo to Rio, from hardcore to mainstream, from Run DMC to Jay-Z, here is an extensive overview of the rap game.
Cultural Events
Cool Cat Sundays
They don’t make’em like that anymore! Put on your most classy hat, suit up, pour yourself an old whiskey and light up a cigar. Now you are ready! Now here is a little pearl we caught (thanks Youtube) so you can feel the cool vibes of a time
Railroad Troubadours


If you happen to be on the island or in any part of Indonesia at the moment, you must have noticed that there is red and white literally everywhere! Flags are festively decorating buildings and streets, especially on the main roads, people even have flags attached to their bike mirror and car radio anthennas, and in some cities you can even see ...

THE DROP: Garut is King of the Cup

The barrels get bigger every year and this year looked to be the biggest yet for the 11th annual Rip Curl Padang Padang Cup, the longest running surf competition in Indonesia. Beating out 2012's champ Chris Ward and heavy Hawaiian Kekoa Bacalso was Garut Widiarta who was crowned king of the cup for 2014 and it would have

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For the Love of All Things Festive, and Puppies!

Bali delivers yet again. This island never seems to fail us. Time and time again, through sickness and in health, over the mountain and the valley and beyond, despite all the published negativity against it, Bali somehow manages to show us, that this is still the best place to be in. This month of August is full of festivals all around. There


KHAYALAN - KYN : CrossCultural Rock Electro Ethno

  This week’s Artist of the Week is a quite new band which has made a nice addition to Jakarta’s list of today’s indie bands. KYN is the name and in case you’re wondering how to read and pronounce it, it actually stands for KHAYALAN which is Indonesian for ‘imagination’ or...