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2ND MINIKINO FILM WEEK: An International Short Film Festival Held in Bali

2ND MINIKINO FILM WEEK: An International Short Film Festival Held in Bali

Minikino is Bali's short film community founded and run by a small group of super passionate volunteers, which has committed to present "a healthy dose of short films" since 2002, which brings us to their 14-year long story of delivering delightful intriguing programs over the years!

After last year’s success in introducing their debut Minikino Film Week, the dynamic bunch has since then worked really hard in order to be able to pull off the short film festival once again! They have proudly announced the dates and programs for the second edition of the Minikino Film Week, which will be bigger than the last; pushing boundaries from last year’s regional reach of films screened, into an international short film festival!

Mark your dates on October 8-15, 2016 as the festival has announced the screening of over 400 films from 69 countries, screened at 11 different venues which such different atmospheres and feels, stretched from the northern Bali beaches to the happening south part of the island, covering four regencies of Badung, Karangasem, Gianyar and Buleleng, and completed by the island’s center of nearly everything, the municipality of Denpasar.

Minikino Film Week is held for the beautiful purpose of gathering people in front of big screens which play the storytelling role, delivering a wide variety of shorts from different sides of the world. As an organization, Minikino has the intention to invite all of us to rethink, encourage and nurture our critical thinking related to and triggered by the films we watch. And on top of that, they are also pretty big on the part that comes after the screening and watching; the portion of time where people engage in a discussion where everyone can learn to listen to each other’s views and opinion, as well as to express their own opinions to the forum.

Minikino believes that culture can only exist and develop with exchange, not isolation. This statement has been implicitly and explicitly communicated by Minikino within its film activities, such as seminars, workshops, and short film screenings and discussions which have been held over the years.

Minikino Film Week will premiere a significant number of short films! And they also managed to have film makers from outside the country to join and celebrate the film week right here in beautiful Bali! For example, the festival’s press conference which was held at Mangsi Coffee in Denpasar (Monday, October 3, 2016) was also attended by Trevor Zhou, who is a filmmaker, writer, actor and artist living in New York.

Zhou shared his excitement about finding Minikino Film Week on an online film submission platform, and that he loved the spirit that Minikino stands for. He also added that he really appreciates that Minikino Film Week allows filmmakers to submit their short films for free, and that it is a great deal of support for filmmakers to share their story at yet another side of the world. He excitedly shared that it was his first time in Bali, and that it also would be his first time experiencing the work of Balinese and Indonesian filmmakers.

Zhou’s film that will be screened is a short film called “The Waltz”. This film will be screened in the festival’s international film program under the general theme of “Your Healthy Dose of Short Films”. This general theme is narrowed down into more specific themes that allow the audience to select the kind of mood of shorts they’d like to watch. The other festival programs consist of ‘MINIKINO: INDONESIA RAJA 2016’, S-EXPRESS 2016, and PARTNER ‘FRINGE EVENTS’ & GUEST PROGRAMMERS. Description and details about each programs can be found on the bottom of this article.

For the convenience of all festival goers and film enthusiasts, all film programs screened at the festival are completed with age rating guide and film information to provide a suitable space to get entertaining treats, especially for those who are specifically interested in short films. And it gets better! All festival programs are accessible for public, free of charge!

So, what are you waiting for? Check out the full programs, schedules, shorts titles & descriptions, venues and other details, or even simply download your catalog on

See you at the Minikino Film Week 2016!




INDONESIA RAJA is an Indonesian short films exchange program, first established and run by Minikino in 2015. This annual program gives a glimpse of the latest achievement of short films production in each participated region/city. In this second year, 17 film programmers from 15 participated regions/cities (Aceh, Bali, Bandung, Depok, Gresik, Jakarta, Jatiwangi, Malang, Medan, Pekanbaru, Purbalingga, Semarang, Surabaya, Tangerang, Yogyakarta) are involved, with 63 selected short films in total.

2.    S-EXPRESS 2016
S-Express is an annual short films exchange program among Southeast Asia countries. Minikino brought Indonesia to join the S-Express network in 2004, which has been running ever since. S-Express implicitly gives a general glimpse of the latest achievement of short films production in Southeast Asia. In 2016, 6 countries (Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Filipina, Vietnam) are participating.

This year’s INTERNATIONAL PROGRAM theme is YOUR HEALTHY DOSE OF SHORT FILMS. A total of 158 short films from 68 countries were carefully selected and arranged in programs exclusivelly screened at 2nd Minikino FIlm Week by MINIKINO programming team out of 6557 short films submission. These selections were categorized into several film programs with different sub-theme, to be presented to audience at the festival. Minikino also creates a special category of ‘SHORTLIST’, consisting of 244 short films which are available to watch during the festival at Video Library at the Festival Lounge in Mangsi Coffee.


Some institutions and organizations joined with Minikino to collaborate in the festival:
1. Sloka Institute; journalism writing workshop with a relation to festival and film reviews.
2. Musical duo Pygmy Marmoset & DenFilm; music video presentation.
3. Bali Photo Forum; journalism photography workshop of the festival.
4. Reelozind!; an Indonesian-Australian short film organization screening the winners of their 2016 short film competition.
5. Ombak Bali International Film Festival; Ombak Bali International Film Festival 2016 programming team screening their best selections of short films.

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