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TRASHSTOCK FESTIVAL 2016: The Sophomore Edition of This Beautiful Art & Music Festival Inspired by the Ugly Plastic Trash Issue!

TRASHSTOCK FESTIVAL 2016: The Sophomore Edition of This Beautiful Art & Music Festival Inspired by the Ugly Plastic Trash Issue!

Bali is without a doubt an exotic place celebrated for all the fantastic qualities attached to it. Starting from the very main feature of the island's breath-taking nature, made more colorful by the rich and diverse forms of amazing traditional art as well as the unique culture and heritage; this island has been spoiled by the world's attention as one of those places one would love to be. Or to put it in short and less poetic way; Bali is known to be super gorgeous and is therefore bucket list material!


Yes, those great things about Bali are actually pretty accurate. We just have to be a little more selective and put in some extra effort to actually experience the postcard-perfect Bali as portrayed in travel magazines, but yes, beauty does exist on this island. Lots of it! However, as so many other places all over the world, Bali has been going through some pretty alarming environmental issues. One of those infamous issues is the chronic problem of plastic trash, which has been both sad and ugly, and has been around for quite a while.

The good news in the bad situation is that the island does have those much needed collectives and communities that choose to be active and to become part of the solution. This upcoming festival, TrashStock Festival 2016, is definitely one of those powerful movements which utilizes lots of beauty and creativity in their effort to educate people about this issue which is again, simply ugly.

TrashStock Festival is a festival under the theme "Musik, Artistik, Plastik" which integrates a number of components who actively voice their love towards the environment through forms of art and music performances, combined with various attractive shapes of creativity delivered through the media of visual art, installations, photography, music performances, and more, while staying within the theme of environmental awareness.

The festival was founded last year by two friends from Bali and France, Hendra Arimbawa and Julien Goalabre, who simply cared about the environment, and also loved this island (of course they do!).

Being Balinese, Hendra had always been concerned about how the cultural shock through the past few decades has brought Bali to this particular situation related to the plastic trash issue which we struggle with nowadays. He always wanted to do more to participate in fixing the problem.


On the other hand, Julien has always believed that music, art and creativity in general, are perfect media to educate people and spread awareness to the young, including for this specific message related to the management of plastic trash. Julien himself has also been actively capturing beauty and irony through his photography, which was also exhibited in last year's TrashStock Festival as well as the mini exhibitions throughout the year.

After having successfully presented the debut of this festival last year, TrashStock Festival has decided to present the second edition of this educative eco-friendly festival, which will be held on July 16-17, 2016, at Taman Baca Kesiman in Denpasar.

The first day of the festival will present a list of bands which consists of Bali's well-respected bands and musicians of various genres, who have earned their place in the island's music scene. The line-up was created with great approach to ensure a dynamic feel, and best possible atmosphere as well as energy to be savored as the band performances flow all evening long!

Last year, TrashStock Festival managed to involve those particular musicians and bands who are known for their activism in voicing their concerns, views and messages related to the environmental issues. This year too, TrashStock Festival will bring on their A-game to deliver a powerful selection of bands and musician who are just as inspiring!

The bands and musicians who were able to fulfill the wish list for the music side of TrashStock this year are Robi ‘Navicula' who has been widely known for his expertise in rocking the art of combining the elements of music and activism, The Mangrooves who carry their very own style of eclectic music, Deep Sea Explorers with their psychedelic rock sound, Rizal & The Rasendriya who is well-known for the bamboo instrument he invented himself, Zat Kimia, Young Guns,Sanggar Anak Tangguh, and many more of those who will only make the music stage more colorful and powerful, guaranteed!

The second day of the festival will provide more of a chill Sunday ambience which is rather calm when compared to the previous day, whereas the festival-goers will be invited to enjoy the art exhibition which would be exhibited during both days of the festival, various workshops, kids activities, live caricature, and this unique fashion show presented by a collaboration among Lanang Mantra, Alexa Bauer and Adi Siput which showcases a fabulous dress collection made out of recycled plastic.

Besides, the second day of the festival will also present three band performances, including an acoustic set by Aga ( known as the vocalist of Rollfast), followed by a sunset DJ session with DJ Ronald Microbot on the decks. All the festival's Sunday activities are fully educative and within the theme of the event.

In the category of visual art, TrashStock Festival 2016 has a list of well-respected artists who will be responsible to pamper the visitors' sight with 2-days worth of amazing creativity poured in the various forms of art!

To name a few, TrashStock Festival 2016 is proud to present Made Bayak with the exhibition of his remarkable artwork as well as Plasticology workshop, Gus Dark with his work of caricatures which are both sharp and entertaining at the same time, Rahmat Jabaril who is famous for his achievements with Kampung Kreatif Dago Pojok in Bandung, mural by Rharharha, Sautel Cago, Komunitas Tukad Abu and Komunitas Pojok, Lanang Mantra with the exhibition of recycled dresses, Vifick Bolang with his photography exhibition entitled Trash Artifacts, as well as dance performances and other forms of art collaborations!

Following the footsteps of its previous edition, TrashStock Festival 2016 has kept their Not-For-Profit concept, whereas the financial benefit gained in this festival will be donated to environmental programs operating in Bali. Aside from that, just like last year, all human resources from the organizer side, and the musicians and artist involved in this festival are all volunteers who contribute their time, energy, skills and talent in order to make this festival happen.

This year, part of the festival profit will be donated to IDEP Foundation to support their program which intends to create and produce a comic book about the river pollution on the island, which will be distributed to schools all around Bali to raise awareness on the subject.

The other portion of the benefits will be donated to support the project of Bapak Budi Susila, a teacher and independent artist who educates children to create amazing items out of recycled plastic.


Mark your dates, people! See you at this inspiring art and music festival, held for a wonderful and crucial cause! Be part of the movement, solution and hopefully positive change. 



Check out the video below for a bit of a taste of last year's TrashStock Festival!  

For further information, please visit:
TrashStock "Musik, Artistik, Plastik"




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