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The First Annual Bali World Music Festival in Ubud!

The First Annual Bali World Music Festival in Ubud!

Arma Museum has been the home to quite a few titles of world-class music events over the years; performing what can be seen as one of the indicators of how Ubud in particular and Bali in general has been making great progress in stepping up its game in presenting and hosting various music festivals, world-class concerts and events as such.

The latest news from the island's music scene is the launch of the newest addition to the list of annual music festivals held in Bali. Bali World Music Festival 2015 will be held on December 5-6, 2015, at the very venue as mentioned above, Arma Museum Ubud.

The festival was decided to be held in Ubud as the charming town has been proven to serve its role as a place of cultural exchange for decades by now. Aside from that, Ubud has also been a great scene for the growth of music and performance art in Bali.

Bali World Music Festival was initiated by Dwiki Dharmawan Assosiates in collaboration with Antida Music Productions, supported by the Republic of Indonesia Ministry of Tourism.

The festival's line-up features a nice combination international, national and local talented and well-respected musicians who all carry their roots and identity in form of the music they share.

The festival will have 2 stages, ready to present a special evening of music collaboration where the audience can enjoy music explorations that one won't come across very often. And to complete the superb audio and visual experience, the evening's video mapping is designed to create a certain atmosphere that can only optimize the feel of the night.

The founder of the festival who is also one of the country's award winning and critically acclaimed pianist, keyboardist, composer and arranger, Dwiki Dharmawan shared that Bali World Music Festival 2015 is an event to celebrate love, peace and tolerance through music.

He also added that the festival is held to perform as a representation of the growth of music regeneration and the surfacing of new young talents whose music's inspiration derives from old forgotten traditions; which is a reason why these musicians have to be motivated and provided with the opportunity to perform on stage.

Anom Darsana as co-founder of the festival added that BWMF 2015 will present a strong multi-cultural combination through the performances of the international and national music acts.

Besides, the festival will also present additional educative programs in their music workshops which are expected to result in a postive contribution for the generation in terms of widening their knowledge and exploration in world, Indonesian as well as Balinese music, which would later on affect their creativity.

The confirmed artists to perform at the festival are Gilad Atzmon (England), Kamal Musallam (Jordania) who will collaborate with Dwiki Dharmawan in their group called the World Peace Trio.

Aside from the headliner above, the festival also presents Nasser Salameh who is a percussionist and composer from Palestine, Asaf Sirkis from Turkey / England, Yaron Stavi (England), Nicolas Meier (Swiss) who will all collaborate in a music project called Pasar Klewer Project.

The two-day festival will also present big well-respected names such as Eastmania, Balawan Batuan Ethnic, Dewa Budjana, Ivan Nestorman Sasando, Nazar Wildan Saung Angklung Udjo, Sa’at Borneo, Ayu Laksmi & Svara Semesta, Planet Bamboo, Tomoca & Persahabatan Project, Bona Alit, Jes Gamelan Jegog, Emoni, Kalimaya and Lisa Ruing.

It is always a pleasure to be able to make it to debut festivals and be part of the history made by those on the stage and behind the scene.  So, check your schedules and mark the dates!

For more information check out! And for direct ticket purchase check out!


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