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Sightseeing: Virgin Beach (White Sand Beach)

Sightseeing: Virgin Beach (White Sand Beach)

Amlapura, the gorgeous small town in Karangasem regency, also happens to be the capital of this area in East Bali. Amlapura and its surrounding areas really have some pretty incredible places to offer to those who prefer to be out in the nature. We mean those kinds of places that still have the raw natural beauty and that pleasantly strange and peaceful atmosphere only owned by the less-visited paths and spots.


One of the beautiful gems in Amlapura is this one which somehow got known by the name Virgin Beach. This beach is locally known as Pasir Putih or Bias Putih which are Bahasa and Balinese for White Sand, which is why it is also often referred to as White Sand Beach.


Up until a few years ago, this beach was only known by locals from around the regency or the neighboring ones. Going there used to mean packing your own picnic or making peace with whatever soft drink or traditional snack you could find at the small warungs by the beach. Back then, the local fishermen used to make some extra money by offering small groups to take a ride in their traditional motor boats, locally known as jukung.


While the southern part of the island is dealing with vast overdevelopment, Virgin Beach in Amlapura has just started with some progress in the facilities as more and more tourists, both domestic and foreign, have discovered this dirt road to this little piece of sandy heaven.


One of the types of international travelers who first discovered this place are the backpackers and the hippies who were seen setting up their tents or simply camp under the stars and moon, falling asleep to the sound of the waves and pretty much only the waves. Later on through the power of travel websites and countless personal blogs, this place started to become more popular.


 Noticing the attention drawn to this beach, the locals with the permit of the village soon started to set up small simple cafes, sun beds & umbrellas, toilets & showers were lined up nicely along the beach. There is more color to the beach now than it used to be, and though it no longer has the sense that you escaped the outside world completely or the feeling that you own the beach too, this place still manages to give you some sort of idea of how Kuta beach might have looked like back in the 70s.


This lovely hidden beauty is located in Perasi village which is only around 3 minutes away from the sign that welcomes you into the town of Amlapura which is in the area of Jasri village. That makes it a 2,5 – 3 hour drive from Kuta or Seminyak area. From the better-known and sufficiently developed tourism area of Candidasa, it will be an approximate of 10 minutes driving before you find the small sign board on your right side of the main street, with an arrow leading to the small road which later on leads you to a dirt road.


You can drive your car or motorbike until the parking area right by the beach and skip the hike. However, be sure that you’re not driving a sedan or any vehicle that doesn’t have enough height. The trip from the main road to the beach takes around 10-15 minutes.  Be prepared for a pretty bumpy ride! But don’t worry. It’s totally worth it!


So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags! Destination: Virgin Beach, Amlapura!!!

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