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Record Store Day Celebrated in Bali: When Romance Can Not Be Downloaded!

Record Store Day Celebrated in Bali: When Romance Can Not Be Downloaded!

Bali does indeed have a fast growing already-awesome music scene and sub-cultures as well as communities which each represent their interest, view and style without necessarily putting things (or sounds) in boxes or drawing lines of boundaries to separate one from the other.

It has been a nice mix, blend and platter of diversity that has made this island more colorful in this modern-culture aspect too! And the even cooler thing is that there is always something new, as apparently these people who are highly involved in the scene seem to agree that there is always room for improvement, in anything really!

This year Bali has finally made the move to participate in the celebration of the Record Store Day, which will take place in the second half of April 2016, following other big cities such as Jakarta, Yogyakarta , Malang and other cities around Indonesia which have participated in this worldwide celebration in the previous years.

As an "Island of Records" blessed with plenty of bands, DJs, Selectors, Independent Record Stores as well as a big crowd of music lovers and enthusiasts, it is about time that Bali participates in the day dedicated to appreciation towards records!

This idea to make this event happen started off from those simple late night conversations of those who have been closely related to the island's music scene. The talks quickly grew into a real idea which soon turned into a concept of the Record Store Day 2016 held collectively by sixteen of Record Stores based in Bali, including Slashtrack, SUB Store Bali, Rewind Record Store, Memoria Record Store, Taman Belakang, Drakvla Records, to name a few. The event will be held on Sunday, April 17, 2016 at Rumah Sanur Creative Hub starting at 1PM until (pretty) late.

Aside from the participation of the sixteen record stores, this event will also present a number of exclusive record releases of various bands, which will all be released in a very limited number of copies, making it all much more interesting! It would be great to prepare your wallet before going there, as chances are, you might really want to get something for yourself at one of the booths there!

The bands who will have their limited edition of records released during this evening will be Jangar (Bali), Piston (Jakarta), Terapi Urine (Bandung) in a compilation album titled Toxic Warriors on cassette, Bali's well-known heavy metal band Painful By Kisses with their album Vice Versa on cassette, the island's talented indie folk duo Pygmy Marmosette with their Live at Irama Indah album on CD, and more exciting bands from various genres!

This event is considered as an edu-event as one of its main objectives is to re-introduce the young generation who has been very accustomed to the download culture mp3 format to revisit and make room for the classic format of cassette in delivering the music. This event is meant as a sharing and gathering session to celebrate and appreciate records.

And in the spirit of this debut event of Bali's Record Store Day which is "Romance Can't Be Downloaded", let's all get together and give some lovin' to all the doers and lovers of music on the island and around the world, by being part of the celebration of the Record Store Day!

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