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One Vein to Another, Share the Blood

One Vein to Another, Share the Blood

No, this is not a creepy article about vampire or satanic cult and their blood pacts – in case you’re wondering. The title is meant to catch your attention so you would click and read this for the next few minutes. It worked. You’re here now aren’t you?

I had to throw the title bait out there because this is a pretty important issue that I need people to pay attention to, and hopefully participate in.
Bali Spirit, along with Indonesian Red Cross holds a regular blood donation drive once every 3 months. They normally announce the location on various social media, or you can also check the Bali Spirit website as well.

Why is this important you ask? People ask for blood donation all the time, so why should this matter?
Well, to quickly answer that question, I will give you two words: Melting Pot.

Bali has been the destination of wide range visitors from all over the world. Whether visiting, working here, or retirement, there are more expat in Bali than there are in any other cities in Indonesia. There are also large number of migrated Indonesian from countless other cities and islands. Now let’s face it, the high number of foreigners in Bali directly correlates to the higher number of accidents and/or medical emergencies involving foreigners in Bali compared to any other cities in the country – meaning more blood is needed to adequately supply the need to save more lives. The same applies for Indonesian coming from other Islands as well. This adds higher number of diversity in blood type all across this island, which means, there are more people with rare blood type here as well.

Now let’s take a moment to analyze a scenario. Let’s say you happen to have a rare blood type, you happen to be in Bali, and you donate your blood here. A week later you’re still here and you had an accident, needing a blood transfusion. The blood you just donated a week ago can save your own life too. God forbid that happens, of course, but either way, it can save others with the same blood type.

Regardless of the possible situation, you have nothing to lose – if anything you simply “refresh” your system and get new blood, while enabling the health care worker to save more lives using your blood.

Bali is in dire need of Rhesus Negative blood donation, and back in 2009 there has been pleas for Australians with Rhesus Negative blood types to donate their blood to Indonesian Red Cross in Bali. Things haven’t changed much since then – the need for more Rhesus Negative blood for Bali escalated over the years. There have been cases where healthcare providers were unable to save a patient’s life due to lack of blood transfusion supplies.  

The problem with obtaining these rare blood groups includes encouraging foreigners on the island to donate, and also the operational cost as the Red Cross in Bali need to deploy their team and equipment to gather this blood supplies. They do however, continue their outreach campaign and hold regular blood drive throughout the years. You can view their blood donation schedules and location on BALI PMI website

What Bali Spirit does, absolutely help support reaching out to foreigners on the island to get to a certain location, meet up, and donate blood during their once every three month blood drive event. Be there and donate this Monday, November 17th 2014 at Kafe Hanoman Ubud, 9am - 1pm. If you can't make it, keep updated with PMI Bali for the blood drive schedules in your areas.

Let’s safe a life, share blood, and continue to get informed.



-Kay Armanousa

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