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One Billion Rising Revolution 2016: LISTEN, ACT, DANCE and RISE!

One Billion Rising Revolution 2016: LISTEN, ACT, DANCE and RISE!

It's a known fact that violence against women is a global issue that has existed forever, all the way through human history. An average person would most likely know at least one woman or girl in their life around them, who is a victim of physical or psychological violence on various types and degrees.

In cases of domestic violence, many women tend to suffer in silence, either only making the issue known to their closest ones or the ones who happen to be witness of the violence.

Very often they hope that the situation would eventually get better, and they put up with the violence until they finally hit the moment when they realize that can't take it anymore. Sometimes it takes time for them to finally decide to take action, seek for assistance or remove themselves from the toxic and abusive environments.

There is certainly more than one reason of factor for this ‘silence mode' tendency to happen. And while the list of probable reasons can sure be studied and discussed, many choose to focus on spreading the message, awareness and to fight against even the most normalized forms of violence against women or girls all over the world.

Over the years, there have been numerous movements and campaigns held in effort to voice the issue and spread the awareness for women all over the world to stand up and end the silence. One of those movements is One Billion Rising Revolution, which is known as the biggest mass action related to the mission.

The campaign was launched on Valentine's Day 2013, and was triggered by the shocking statistics published by the United Nations, that 1 among 3 women on the planet will experience physical or sexual abuse during her life time. Put in the context that the world's population these days is around 7 billion people; the mentioned statistics above equals over one billion women and girls; all counted likely to be victim of violence.

One Billion Rising Revolution is an escalation of the two initial stages of the campaign; One Billion Rising and One Billion Rising for Justice. In the past three years the One Billion Rising has invited, spread awareness and gather people all over the world to stand up to violence against women of all race, nationalities, religious groups, or culture background, as it is understood to be a struggle faced by all humanity all over the world.

Through this movement, people across the world came together to express their outrage, strike, dance, and RISE in defiance of the injustices suffered by women, demanding to put an end to all of it. In 2015, around the same date as the previous years, millions of activists in over 200 countries gathered to rise for resolution, to change the paradigm, demand accountability, justice and systematic change.

And this year, the theme of Revolution continues with a call to focus on marginalized women and to bring national and international focus to their issues; to bring in new artistic energy; to amplify Revolution as a call for system change to end violence against women and girls; to call on people to rise not only for ourselves but also for others, and to ensure the victims to have the courage to speak up and put an end to their suffering, as well as send the message that they are not alone.

Bali has participated in this global movement in the previous year, and this year too, the participants of One Billion Rising Revolution on the island are ready to dance and rise, and perform their part right here in the capital of Bali!


The dance performance is some kind of flash mob (except for the fact that the local regulations requires for an official permit for a public performance) held at the iconic Puputan Margarana Park in Renon, South Denpasar on February 14, 2016.

The dance has a catchy choreography and the song has this energetic and powerful feel, with lyrics that are just as full of spirit. Every movement of the dance has its own meaning and is directly correlated to the words sung in the song at that specific time of the movement, which makes it easier to remember the sequence of movements.

The dance rehearsals have started for a few weeks now, taking place on Saturdays at 3 PM. All information related to the One Billion Rising activities in Bali can be found on

There is still plenty of time to get ready to bust a move, dance, rise and take pride in this worldwide movement! We are in for sure, and we'd definitely love to see more and more people showing up for rehearsal and making it big for the flash mob on Valentine's Day! Let's dance and rise!

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