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Now Nation: Matajiwa Spreads Positive Vibrations through Their Single!

Now Nation: Matajiwa Spreads Positive Vibrations through Their Single!

Great news from the metropolitan! Matajiwa; the eye the soul, is definitely one of our favorite duos in the country. Based in Jakarta, this soulful experimental duo consisting of Anda Perdana (guitar and vocals) and Reza Achman (drumcussion and vocals), is one of those bands which are pretty consistent in making their appearance on the island through their tours and gigs here, where they are most definitely loved!

Matajiwa defines their music in this three-word tagline, as they also refer to as the 3 Es, Experience, Experiment and Expression. And while those three words do go with the incredible levels and limits that they hit and push through their work, their music kind of represents much more than the three words can contain. But yeah, it is a real experience for the ears and most likely created from the duo’s extensive deep experiences as well, it is definitely experimental, and expression is without a doubt one of the keys to the excellence they pull off!

We are really excited to take part in announcing the great news that Matajiwa has released a new single entitled “Now Nation”, which was created back in 2013. This single was actually already released in CD format, and was also a hidden track in the cassette version of their album, Satu (One). Both of them were released in limited edition.

Given the fact that the previous release was not widely assessable, Matajiwa was very excited to confirm that they will release the single ‘Now Nation’ in CD format very soon! And this time, Anda and Reza will be directly involved in the creating the artwork too!

While waiting for further announcements leading towards the release date of the physical single, on September 11, 2016, the management of Matajiwa officially announced through their official website as well as social media pages, that the digital version of ‘Now Nation’ has been available! To top it off, the band has also released the single’s music video on the same date.

The music video is directed by Allan Soebakir from Sinema Pinggiran, while the duo’s wardrobe was sponsored by PMP Denim. The video carries the theme and messages which are intended to be passed through the harmony of music and lyrics in this soulful energy containing track.

The director also explained that the music video represents the idea of hope surrounded by sadness inflicted by the current reality, as well as a balance between pessimism and optimism. He also added that the song intends to spread a vibration to everyone from all kinds of backgrounds all across the nation, that we are all one in diversity, and should celebrate that unity!

The fact that the release date is on September 11 is also not a coincidence. Matajiwa actually meant to release the positive vibrations on the commemoration of 9/11 which can’t be separated from the entire stream of the related confusing information followed by conspiracy theories about the terror which has continued ever since.

The message carried in “Now Nation” invites today’s generation to keep an open mind and contemplative ways. And in the end, Anda shared his point of view that what truly matters is now, because now is what affects in the future.

And what also truly matters is for you to download the single and experience the vibrations for yourself! Download is available on i-Tunes at

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