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Have a Safe Summer, Friends!

Have a Safe Summer, Friends!

I have watched a few "What really happens in Bali" episodes, most of its angle take is on Australian teenagers on holiday exercising their drinking skills, getting Bali style piercings, getting obnoxious tattoos while drunk, and well, some womanizer's pride of sleeping around unprotected.

Of course not all Aussie's are bad and not everyone coming to Bali get methanol poisoning or end up in a fight or a motorcycle accidents. Teenagers and young adults, regardless where they come from, would probably want to do some "daring" sorts of fun and Instagram their pictures with #YOLO #Bali written all over it. . 

Those of you who have been living on the island for a long time would understand this already, but what about people out there who knows nothing about Bali? 

Here are some do's and don'ts when visiting Bali, or any other countries really:


 1. Get yourself international medical insurance and bring the card/information on you at all time.

2. Set your phone to have a few emergency contacts on speed dials, both somebody to call while you are visiting (your embassy's number if you are travelling alone), and somebody back home.

3. Find out where the nearest hospital/clinic and police station is from where you stay. 

4. Respect your host, always.

5. Be friendly, courteous, polite and dignified.

6. Travel in small groups - three to five persons with both genders present.

7. Make a photo copy of your passport and credit card numbers and keep them separate from your passport and credit cards - give a copy to your family.

8. Find out the emergency numbers for fire, police, and medical emergencies.

9.  Ask permission before photographing strangers who you find "interesting".

10 .Always carry an ID with you.

11. When riding a bike, always put your bag in front of you, between your legs. Bag snatchings on bike occur often in Bali and a lot of people get badly injured by getting pulled off their bikes by thieves. A young woman recently died on a bag snatching accident.

12. Take a cab at night. Even if you don't drink, others on the road do. Furthermore, you will avoid bag snatching by doing so.

13. Choose a cab from an official company, with a meter.

14. Always wear a helmet if you ride a bike. Too many lives could be saved each month if only the victims had a helmet during their fatal accident.

15. Use common sense.



1. Don't get too intoxicated for any reason. If you must, have a designated sober friend to make sure nobody gets in trouble while under the influence.

2. Don't try out extreme activities without proper safety gear
3. Never bring too much cash or wear obvious expensive jewelry on you

4. Avoid being obnoxious and disrespectful to your host country.

5. Never, ever leave your residence unlocked.

6. Do not impair your judgment with excessive consumption of alcohol.

7. Do not joke about bombs or about smuggled items - airport authorities will not find that funny nor will you find their response.

8. Do not agree to meet strangers in non-public places

9. Most places are safe in most countries, BUT don't wander down dark alleys or into areas that are known to be high risk

10. Do not draw attention to yourself when you are returning to your residence late at night.


We are not your parents, we are not your doctor. Neither are we here to give a moral code of conduct. These advices are only made to help you have a safe journey in Bali. Bless you all, have fun and stay safe!

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