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Environment Initiatives Bali: An Inspiring Gathering in the Spirit of the UN Climate Change Conference 2015!

Environment Initiatives Bali: An Inspiring Gathering in the Spirit of the UN Climate Change Conference 2015!

We all know that climate change has been a huge global issue for all humanity, and the struggle seems to be going on forever. The first World Climate Conference was in fact held in Geneva in 1979, and the yearly United Nations Climate Change Conferences have continued to be held ever since.

Of course, on each national and local level, there are those individuals, organizations as well as companies who are proven to be actively involved in the struggle to find solutions for the environmental issues at different levels with specific focuses which vary from one another, which is great.

Bali also happens to be blessed to have those inspiring people who make the movement move, who represent the significant continuous work in effort to continue making a difference and move towards a more environmental friendly mindset and daily actions on a large scale.

On Monday, November 30, 2015, La Gazzette de Bali, which is the island’s only French newspaper, held an event called Environment Initiatives at the Indonesian French Chambers of Commerce and Industry (IFCCI).

It was an evening filled with inspiring talks presented by the list of eight selected speakers, each representing an organization or company which have made real contribution in taking on the challenging task and role of being one of the fighters for the environment in Bali.

While most of them were locally based on the island, some were based in other parts of Indonesia and associated to foreign or international organizations. 

The momentum of this event was indeed chosen in association to the fact that the United Nations Climate Change Conference COP 21 was opened in Paris on the very same day.

Environment Initiatives was held to show support, awareness and enthusiasm towards the goal of the conference on a local scale. This event was held in the spirit of the conference’s objective which was set for this year; to achieve a legally binding and universal agreement on climate from all nations of the world.

So there it was, a local gathering of a community of the island, to tap into the feel of the conference, performing their part in the subject, as a citizen of this world.

The speakers for the evening were representatives from IDEP Foundation, Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR), Enviro Pallets, Green School’s Bye Bye Plastic Bags, Yayasan Alam Lestari Indonesia (LINI), Akuo Energy, Asali Bali Bamboo Construction and Nazava Water Filters.

The presentations and Q & A sessions had a nice dynamic flow. Besides, there was a lot of uncensored information brought to light. Some speakers revealed facts related to the local environmental issues that simply don’t get enough attention and let alone publication. These people work on the matter and they sure do not hesitate to share all they know either.

And each of these speakers shared the harsh truth along with the facts of the fascinating programs and efforts that have been done from their side, as well as the information of how we can be part of the ‘movement’ in various ways.

It is safe to say that most of the people in the room full of audience did go home with some new information, knowledge, ideas, thoughts, or contacts.

It was one of those gatherings that brought like-minded people together, and we all know that such an event is always a potential start for people to join forces or simply support each other through the ethical environmental conscious businesses and/ or NGOs.

Please find the following links of the companies / organizations which were there to share. Check them out and who knows you’ll find even more ways to involve yourself in environmental friendly actions and lifestyle choices!

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