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Embracing Uniqueness and Tolerance at the Upcoming Ubud Village Jazz Festival 2016!

Embracing Uniqueness and Tolerance at the Upcoming Ubud Village Jazz Festival 2016!

There is no doubt that the festival scene in Bali has grown more mature over the years, and the selection and variety of the festival hosted on the island leaves everyone with nice options of eventful days and evenings to attend and experience.

Ubud Village Jazz Festival is one of the festivals which started its history four years ago, and has continued to be held consecutively on an annual basis, presenting an addition to the wonderful events to look forward to for jazz lovers, as well as those who simply happen to be into high quality music performances.

The 4th annual Ubud Village Jazz Festival is just around the corner! The two-day celebration of jazz under the theme of Embracing Uniqueness and Tolerance, will be held 12-13th August at ARMA Museum and Resort. Like the previous years, the festival will once again present a selection of world-class jazz musicians. The line-up consists of a diversity of unique groups of jazz musicians with a certain balance of exciting new artists, legends, and even student groups; creating a dynamic and experience that only this festival can offer!

The acclaimed legendary jazz musicians from Indonesia who will be presented on this year's stage are amongst others; Margie Segers, Oele Pattiselano, Glen Dauna (featuring his sons Rega and Indra) performing as The Daunas, Jeffrey Tahalele, Arif Setiadi, Mia Samira, Salamander Big Band, Bali Gypsy Fire, and many more!

From the international jazz realm, the festival proudly presents well-respected names such as Reuben Roger, Wynton Marsalis, Roy Hargrove, Joshua Redman,Dianne Reeves, Peter Bernstein, and many more! Other international artists include LOUIS! Project from Holland, which is an excellent music program about the legend Louis Armstrong. The show will bring you swing, spirituals, improvisation, blues and vocals that will make you think you are in New Orleans.

Besides, for the first time in Indonesia, Youn Woo Park Trio will perform all the way from Korea. Ian Scionti Trio, endorsed by Accion Cultural Espanola (Spain) will explore the limits between jazz and flamenco, and will present the cohesive dialogue between the two traditions! Yuko Shirota Quartet (Angin Asia) from Japan will also bring her particular style of jazz, adding to the colors that can be experienced during Ubud Village Jazz Festival 2016.

Aside from being a fantastic music festival, Ubud Village Jazz Festival also pampers the festival goers with culinary experience, spread in the in shape of 26 food outlets plus 1 hour of free flow wine by Plaga Wine. The artistic designs and decoration of the venue is definitely also a quality to savor. Overall, Ubud Village Jazz Festival has become one of the favorite jazz festivals in the region, and has continued its spirit as a small festival with a big message!

This year too, Ubud Village Jazz Festival 2016 is proud to promote jazz education in this country. The Bali Jazz Summer School will be held over 3 days prior to the festival and will be divided into 6 classes featuring, drums, piano, double bass, vocal, and brass and reed instruments. Festival co-founder, Yuri Mahatma explained that this is a great opportunity for young Indonesians to gain valuable knowledge and improve their skills through classes, both those in theory as well as the daily jam sessions.
See you at the Ubud Village Jazz Festival 2016!


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Early Bird ticket price (Including taxes) April- June 2016 period
One Day ticket : IDR. 300,000
Two days ticket : IDR. 500,000

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Normal ticket price (Including taxes) July-Aug 2016 period
One day ticket: IDR 400.000
Two days ticket: IDR 600.000

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