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Blue Moon Festival 2016: A Celebration of Dance and Electronic Music, Once in a Blue Moon on Serangan Beach!

Blue Moon Festival 2016: A Celebration of Dance and Electronic Music, Once in a Blue Moon on Serangan Beach!

STAY LOUD IN THE CLOUDS! Blue Moon Festival 2016 is just around the corner now!!!


More updates and good news from the front of the growing festival scene on the island! Following the festivals and eventful days on the island during the first quarter of the year, Blue Moon Festival 2016 has now announced its date and line-up! They're calling out to Bali's party-goers and music lovers as well as the island's tourists to mark the dates and get informed on all you need to know about this festival!


Blue Moon Festival is one of the dance and music festivals in Bali, which will be held in the charming secluded spot of Serangan island located on the southern coast, less than 10 kilometers from both the decades-long famous resort area of Sanur and downtown Denpasar. This venue was chosen for the setting and feel it offers, along with its capacity to accommodate 5,000 people to party all night!


In case you were wondering, yes, the festival's name indeed stands for the chosen date of the event itself which will take place during a full-moon evening on Blue Moon oracle, which falls on May 21, 2016. Just a quick reminder; a Blue Moon is the second of two full moons in a single calendar month, which is an occasion that doesn't come along often.


Blue Moon Festival aims to make this upcoming blue moon a real celebration and festive happening by presenting over 10 local DJs, 1 DJ from the metropolitan of Jakarta, and 1 international DJ! Each of these DJs has their own particular style, creating an interesting line-up with a wide range of diverse music flavors.


The festival presents an atmospheric approach whereas the evening will be started with chill-out reggae tunes, followed by the sounds of house music and electronic dance experience!


The island's very own resident DJs to perform on the decks of Blue Moon Festival are those whose names have been very familiar in the local nightlife scene, such as; God Stone Market, No Footure, DJ Indra K, DJ Ebby (Aeonex), DJ Gween, Denys Andrew, Jaux Ion, Sol Felix and DJ Wisdy.


Hailing from Jakarta, the festival's line-up will also present DJ Dipha Barus who has this awesome nationwide reputation for the ‘epic booty-shaking' music he delivers in his sets!


The headliner for the evening is DJ Wolf Pack (Belgium), who happens to be one of the Top 100 DJs of 2015 nominated by DJ Mag's! He is also known for being one of the headliners of Tomorrow Land 2015 held in Brazil. His mixes are in the area of deep electro progressive house, which will be an awesome match to the atmosphere of the rave party under the mystical spirit of the blue moon that night.


Aside from the line-up, this festival also features a touch of video-mapping attractions, sling-stage decoration, sexy dancers, lazer dancers and the food trucks section. The food truck section involves the creativity of the local young entrepreneurs in presenting their great selections of F&B products.


Blue Moon Festival 2016 is presented by Project X Bali, a local event production company, which has succeeded to hold similar kind of festivals on Balangan Beach in 2012 and Mertasari Beach in 2014, gathering over 2.500 people during each of them. They've done it before, and now they are back for more! More DJs, more music, more fun, and more people!


Tickets are already available, and the price starts form 350.000 IDR to 8.000.000 IDR with different benefits, facilities and access. More information and details for the ticket categories can be found on or through Facebook chat conversation on


See you on that particular blue moon night at Serangan Beach!

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