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A Fantastic Night by the River: Human is Alien

A Fantastic Night by the River: Human is Alien

Human is Alien; an intriguing title of choice for a great art performance that evidently turned out to live up to its name. There is a collective of brilliant artists behind Human is Alien, and together they have worked on something particularly amazing.
Human is Alien is a multimedia art performance which is based on the environmental balance. The inspiration to create this impressive art performance started  off when the river, Tukad Abu, in North Denpasar, which is located right in front this cozy spot that some of them call their home, was treated as a giant dumpster by others living in the area.  
Watching people constantly going for the ‘convenience’ of littering in the river, and not to mention ruin the environment in the mean time triggered these artists to team up and work on this art performance piece which is based on environmental balance. The performance was held on the dramatic venue of the side of that very river, last Sunday, June 21, 2015. 
The approximately 30-minute performance was pretty hypnotizing. The shapes, shadows, lights, shape shifting movements, all reflected on the huge banyan trees which served as the screen that night was simply superb. For those sitting right in the front there was an additional screen, the river itself.
A dancer was sitting in the center of the bamboo stage right above the ‘cockpit’ where the masterminds hide, creating all the movements. And way down by the river, a rope dancer was creating more shapes and shadows, adding even more complexity to the performance.
The music played an amazing role as well. The performance started up with electronic music, combined with the traditional sound of the bamboo gamelan; such a lively and dynamic blend of sound. After a while the traditional sounds were replaced by a significantly less harmonious sound of electric guitar riffs. And at last it was only the sound of the electronic music; which to some sounded like the sound of a system breaking down. 
The performance was overall engaging, trippy, dynamic, interesting and considering the story behind the work, definitely purposeful on a higher level than the entertaining and successful art performance itself already is. 
In this scenario of Human is Alien, the origin of aliens started from the imagination that earth was initially only inhibited by animals and plants, and no humans, and that however, humans actually come from a planet that is also called earth, but during its own era, that version of earth and its galaxy was sucked into the black hole.
The story continues with humans finding their new home planet, which is today’s earth, where the humans started to build their high technology and for some spiritual modern civilization. The humans once again repeated history by overdoing everything in fulfilling their life, and once again managed to sacrifice the nature.
Human is Alien will exhibit their next performance in Ubud next month, with details soon to be advised.
And as words can’t do the justice of describing certain things, to view the images and work related to Human is Alien you can visit their fan page! 

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