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A Decade of True Stories, the Documentary, and the Crowd Funding!

A Decade of True Stories, the Documentary, and the Crowd Funding!

People change, places change, social environments change; and it is always a fascinating thing to follow, acknowledge, and try to reach the understanding of it, for all its good and bad.

Some things, places, societies, environments, in many different aspects and ways, show more significant or rapid change than others. Of course there are numerous factors to contribute to these different speeds, and not all are easy to be determined or followed. That is one of the reasons why stories and history presented from various angles, in different forms and medium, is something to be truly grateful and excited (to learn from) for.


Out of the various ways of story-telling about crucial social issues from all over the globe, documentary film is definitely one of the powerful medium out there.

Documentary films have those qualities that are efficient in passing on the message and provide its audience with a very real view of the true face of a place, its people, and again, the issues faced by the local communities living so far from the film viewer's daily reality.

That being said, we are very pleased to introduce you to "On Kingdom's Edge", a feature length documentary film has been filmed for 10 years now, following the lives of a group of men and women in a small village called Kalanganyar, in Buleleng regency, North Bali.

The creators behind this project are French documentary film-maker, Juan Gelas, in collaboration with Sugi Lanus, a Balinese anthropologist and poet. This documentary presents an intimate and human look at the impact of mass tourism and globalization of today's traditional societies.

The film-makers describe "On Kingdom's Edge" as a long and passionate human adventure and a project bursting with humanity, which will make you discover men and women from far away who have so much in common with us who are seldom heard.

This project has been independent from the start. Gelas did receive development funds from the Commonwealth Broadcasting Corporation and the team invested their voluntary time in the shoots. And as they finally launched their online crowd funding campaign, they now have opened the proposal as well as opportunity for us to join in on their long adventure they have so passionate about.


The production of the documentary has reached to the stage where they would start the last shoot and the "short cut" of the film, which is an expensive process. They also need to edit a beautiful short film out of the footage they have taken over the decade. And that is why "On Kingdom's Edge" needs your support and participation in the funding of the film's completion.

Besides the opportunity of being part of spreading this powerful story through a beautiful film, your support will also directly benefit the community of Kalanganyar. Ten percent of the campaign proceeds will be pledged to the association in charge of the village's main temple, the central point of Kalanganyar's cultural and spiritual life to fund the necessary renovations in the temple complex.

All the information and fascinating details can be found on the crowd funding page, The campaign was launched on February 2, 2016, and it only lasts for 30 days! So, if it does sound like something you'd like to support, don't take too long before you check it out!

The crowd funding campaign has gained an enthusiastic response so far! Having been launched for less than two weeks, On Kingdom's Edge has managed to raise over USD 4,000,- which has marked its next step and target of raising USD 6,000,- which will be followed by its further steps and numbers as specified on the campaign page.

This is definitely an exciting project and we are looking forward to watch this film, presenting a decade of truth and change of the people of Kalanganyar, Buleleng, North Bali.

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