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A Celebration for The Sound of Mystical Vibe

A Celebration for The Sound of Mystical Vibe

Last Saturday (11/22/2014) was a special night at Mozaic Beach Club on Batubelig beach, Badung, Bali. It was one of those moments in the island's music scene which was definitely worth celebrating. Rio Sidik and his his Quintet made yet another big step in their music career, sharing their wonderful work through the launch of their brand new album, 'The Sound of Mystical Vibe'.

This album is special for many things; for starters it is a live recording audio-video album. Aside from that particular special feature, “The Sound of Mystical Vibe” also carries a unique quality whereas it contains 10 songs, each presenting elements and a feel of such different genres!

Rio Sidik decided to go crazy creative and go from jazzy tunes to pop, from ballad to reggae, and that’s not even all! Afterall, this guy has always made it very clear that his music was good music, not a particular genre of music.

He also told us a few times by now, that he doesn't like the idea of putting music genres in boxes. He likes to explore it all with all the freedom to experiment with all sounds that he sees as good; and that really does sound like Mr. Rio Sidik.

The Sound of Mystical Vibe is the energy that Rio has experienced and captured along his journey as a musician, molded into all those tunes. The first single of this album is the track entitled "If", written by Rio himself. In that song, he tells the classic human story about heartbreak, one that he went through himself; something that every living human can relate to at some level.

Through this album, he hopes to add another color to the variety of music in the Indonesian music scene as well as to share the best quality of his work to all music lovers in Indonesia.

Rio has been known for quite a very long time now. Being born as the 3th generation trumpeter in his family, this trumpeter of a rockstar has started making his appearances on stage since the age 13 with the country's most-respected jazz musicians! He has been creating such wonderful music and both alone and with his amazing band collaborations, both Saharadja and Rio Sidik and his Quintet, and from all the good sounds and words spread, he has made a pretty amazing reputation in so many different sides of the world. His stories about his jam sessions with world-class musicians are ones that will naturally give you chills and somehow also a big smile on your face (check the interviews we had with him on our website's video gallery or Youtube channel). 

In short, Rio Sidik is a very talented, incredible and soulful musician, composer and producer. Anyone who likes good quality of music would simply enjoy his music very much. So yes, this is one of most awesome albums launched in Indonesia this year!

To learn more about Rio Sidik feel free to check out our previous articles under Artist of the Week:

For more details or album purchase, please check out his official pages at:


The album is available on iTunes too!

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