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A Brand New Bali Experience: COME TO LIFE! AT BALI UNITE!

A Brand New Bali Experience: COME TO LIFE! AT BALI UNITE!

Over the last decade, Bali has grown quite significantly in building the island's reputation for its role as a host to world-class annual festivals. Following the success associated to Bali’s image as a perfect setting to hold various international festivals of different concepts, Bali Unite Festival has recently introduced itself and their intention of adding a new festival, which does sound super fresh and pretty amazing!

There are at least a dozen of completely valid reasons why one should definitely be excited to welcome this new festival. For one thing, this festival is bringing their A game for sure, pushing limits and presenting a brand new 'features' the island has never experienced before!

Bali Unite is a 2 day festival on the beach in Bali July 31st and August 1st, which will go on until sunrise on August 2, 2015. The setting will be in a gorgeous black sand beach hidden in the wilderness of exotic Karangasem regency, in East Bali. The complex is now known as 7 Temples, as the area is literally surrounded by seven temples.

7 Temples is located somewhere between the tourism area once known as a tiny fishermen village, Candidasa, and the harbor area of Padang Bai. This area used to be a fishermen village as well. However, the village has been hit with hard times, with no fish in the sea, and no jobs available around them, making daily life a real struggle.


The festival aims to help the locals while creating something amazing, which has been going pretty great so far, as they have already started working together in cleaning up the beach from plastic and any trash. Bali Unite Festival aims to hold the event on a beach so clean, that no single cigarette bud can be spotted along the entire huge venue, which by the way can accommodate 20.000 people in the festival area, plus has its very own camping ground! Now that’s a whole new level for Bali! For the long run, this venue is also expected to host world-class concerts and improve the economy in this currently impoverished area.


On top of all those great things, during the press conference held at Rumah Sanur Creative Hub, the head of the architecture team, Amir Rabik, also stated that Bali Unite Festival is in fact the first environment-friendly festival held in Asia. The festival implements the zero waste system, meaning that all products will be recycled or reused, and no trash is sent to landfills and incinerators. Aside from that, everything built for the festival is made out of bamboo, and the designs are simply incredible.


And just when we thought that things couldn’t be friendlier, both to the environment as well as the locals, this festival also happens to provide its own access to water for the festival goers as well as the locals. Yes, Bali Unite is building wells that provide a much better quality of water for the local villagers for the long run, as the water they currently consume is far below the healthy standard.


Now, music-wise, this festival will host a mix of world renowned and famous local artists on three different stages. The music will vary from up tempo electronic, alternative rock and pop and down tempo lounge and reggae, with a focus on unique collaborations and mixing styles.  


The festival already has a list of confirmed artists and it’s super exciting already! For starters, Yasiin Bey (a.k.a Mos Def) is totally going to be there! Other big names such as Donavon Frankereiter, Super Flu and DJ Ride are also on the list! And from within the country, Indonesian Reggae Ambassador; Ras Muhamad and the well-respected Gugun Blues Shelter are also listed as one of the confirmed artists on the line-up. And of course, Bali’s green grunge gentlemen of Navicula have confirmed that they will take part in this rocking experience as well!


Rebecca Reijman, who is the Music Curator for Bali Unite said that there are some inspiring collaborations already being formed between local and international artists. They can’t reveal any details for now, but there will be some 60s-vibe revival going on to be sure. Well, that sure does sound like something that we don’t want to miss!


The facilities on this festival will also allow you to indulge yourself with activities such as yoga, lounging, pampering yourself with massages and many more! And to go all out with the concept and atmosphere of this festival, you can also make sure to only consume healthy organic food as there will be plenty of that during this amazing gateway!


So what are you waiting for? Block your schedule and plan your trip. COME TO LIFE! AT BALI UNITE.


For tickets and more information please visit:

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