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Morelia: Rocking It Romantically with Their New Album!

Morelia: Rocking It Romantically with Their New Album!

Apparently we're not quite ready to move on from the good spirit of rock we have had here on Artist of the Week for the past couple weeks with Bandung's pumping sound of Sigmun! This week we have Morelia; a Bali-based indie band which carries this easy going yet awesome feel of alternative rock!


Morelia equals Sendry on vocals, Ardy on guitar, Eldin on bass and Aan on drums. While this has been the band's formation since 2011, this band actually started off in 2009 with quite a different color as our rocker lady here joined to replace the former singer of the band who happens to be a male. Given that statement, you can understand how things got a bit different ever since.


Morelia released their debut album entitled Sinergi in 2010 during their journey with their previous vocalist. Their music has always been inside the general lines of rock as the genre, and so was the sound of this album. However as Sendry joined in, the colors and music arrangement definitely went through a shift, making some turns and adjustments to follow the girl power female rocker kind of element which she naturally brought in.


After their seven years of existence in the indie music scene of Bali and Indonesia on the larger scale, Morelia has worked hard in order to be consistent in delivering their particular flavor through their songs which are mainly about real life experiences. Their effort led to the birth of their self-titled sophomore album which was released very recently, in February 2016 at Antida Soundgarden in Denpasar.


Their sophomore album, Morelia, was produced under one of the island's biggest music labels, Antida Records, owned by well-respected icon in the music scene, Anom Darsana. After one year of hard work and full dedication, the band reached their next exciting step of finally releasing this album with all the stories in it, and revolving around it.


The band shared about their gratitude, not only for the fact they were selected by Antida Records, but also for all the support they received from Bali's famous musicians such as Dadang from Dialog Dini Hari, Ian Stevenson known for his band Zat Kimia as well as his previous work with Kaimsasikun, Deny Surya also known as the drummer of Dialog Dini Hari, and also Punto Atjie and Windu Estianto who were involved in the process of creating the album.


The album consists of twelve original songs with "Cinta Kamu" chosen as the debut single. The majority of the songs have a melancholic romantic feel combined with a nice blend of rock, resulting into sweet emotions and stories delivered in a proper rather badass way, far from sounding weak or corny. This is of course a cool quality, especially represented with Sendry's powerful female point of view, in her own particular style.


Along with the album launch, the band also took the opportunity to introduce Believe Digital which is a leading music distribution company for independent labels and artists with a worldwide presence, as one of the media to find and purchase their music.


The band has currently been busy with their tour around the south part of the island and beyond; sharing their music, spreading their love. They definitely deserve a listen! And that is exactly why we are excited to present this easygoing four-piece band.


We have much more to share related to Morelia as our Artist of the Week! Make sure to tune in on Sunday, March 27, 2016 at 10 PM Bali Time for the full radio interview and live session! The video is coming up soon too!


In the mean time, please do enjoy their tracks will be played on our radio for two weeks straight (March 21 - April 3, 2016) every day at 7 AM, 12 PM, 7 PM and 12 AM!


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