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Kristina Olsen

Kristina Olsen

Kristina Olsen, from San Fransisco, very talented songwriter, singer, multi-instrumentalist, author, wonderful story teller and a warm person, who doesnít hesitate to share the story of her life and her inspiring adventure of her journey as a passionate musician, through the honest and beautiful work that sheís been presenting.

We met Kristina on her e-book launching , They Paid Us in Tub Time, in Ubud, which was one of the programs of the Ubud Writers & Readers Festival earlier in the first week of this month. It was personal, honest, stunning and powerful.

Sitting there listening to Kristinaís book reading from several different chapters from her e-book followed by the songs she played afterwards just as embedded in her e-book, I personally really felt that warm stream inside myself, and really doubt that anyone wouldnít feel that way. Her story telling, fresh humor, her bluesy voice combined the dramatic sound of the slide guitar as well as acoustic guitar that she was playing was just hard not to take our breath away. Each song has a different flavor but still managed to keep her unique signature sound. Some songs were a bit jazzy, some others were leaning to the bluesy side, and some were folk. However, I didnít spend my time defining her genre or music style as I was too busy enjoying the whole sound that she brought, from song to song, switching from acoustic guitar, to electric slide guitar, and even to a concertina, and it was beyond entertaining. To me it was like listening to a very dear friend speaking out her heart, regardless to the fact that it was my very first time listening to her music.

Kristinaís songs have also been covered and recorded by known artists like Eric Bibb, Fairport Convention, Maddy Prior, Mary Coughlan and Mollie OíBrien. She has also worked as a session musician on many albums by other known musicians including playing the hammered dulcimer on Michelle Shockedís album ''Short Sharp Shocked'' on PolyGram and toured as Mary Coughlanís guitarist in 2005 and 2007. Aside from that, she has performed as a multi-instrumentalist in plays for the Mark Taper Forum in Los Angelesí Music Center. And adding to all the above facts, she also won the Kerrville Song writing award her song for battered women, ''I''m Keeping This Life of Mine''

They Paid Us in Tub Time was also a delightful reading. Kristinaís way of describing her life from her childhood when she fell in love with music and discovered her music preferences, and how she grew up into a teenage girl, still in love with music, and how she grew up into a real musician and went through all her chapters of life, so passionate about her choice of life as well as goals, all revolved around her creativity and calling in music. The adventures and struggles sheíd been in are all so inspiring and refreshing, and again, her point of view and characteristics really manage to show humor and a comical side in pretty much every story, even the ones that are not exactly the prettiest ones.

Having travelled to so many countries all over the world for her tours as well as songwriting festivals, Kristina has a lot to share both in her music as well as in her e-book. She is really one of those musicians who speaks her heart out through her work, and together with her talent, her music is really something that you shouldnít miss.

So be ready for some Kristina Olsen time! Listen to her songs on our radio, everyday 9 a.m., 12 a.m., 7 p.m, and 00 a.m. and one full hour on Sunday for music and the exclusive interview. Enjoy!

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